A Dream Among Eeden’s Bands: 8.21.2012

As provided by our new lady correspondent, Aliee.  We will now dive into a very complex and erratic Lucid Dream she had:

Pre-Dream: Trivia night. Two Iced Teas, pizza. Took two Advil PMs before I went to bed.

While I was trying to fall asleep I kept thinking of becoming lucid and a recent thread about reality checks and when people do them (going through a doorway, when they feel confused or disconnected from surroundings, etc) so I think this helped me become lucid in the first place. I didn’t have control all the way through this dream, but I was aware that I was dreaming. When I woke up I did another reality check and one of the first things I realized was different was that I could smell. In the dream, I don’t recall perceiving any kind of scent or flavor despite the fact that I ate and drank within the dream.

::: I was initially at a table eating pizza with internet people (Kat, Dan, Josh and people I don’t remember but in the dream I knew them as internet people.) I remember feeling like we were still at the mellow mushroom, and it looked like it where we were sitting.

I got up to go to the restroom. Then I realized we were in a night club/strip club. Like an Asian, male host club. The hosts were all in white briefs, Deadmau5 was DJing/bartending, but you could see his face through the mask and it was all twisted and strange. He was in a suit. Lots of green lights, strobe lights and white seating and tables.

There were other people at the tables, talking about arrangements like “I’ll have two of these, separately on the 15th and the 17th.” or “How much for just one to molest me with my clothes on?” A heavy woman was talking to Deadmau5 about a night with one of the hosts. Deadmau5 was making all of these appointments, so I assumed he was the head of this operation.

I was walking to sit back down, when I saw a man sitting on a white couch. For some reason I thought that this man was my body. He looked like the handsome superman face from the internet. I looked again at Deadmau5 and his face looked stranger than before, with a big cheshire smile that stretched the limits of his actual face. I began to get confused looking at “my body” sitting in front of me and his face changed. At that point I did a reality check (pushed my fingers through my hand) and realized I was in a dream.

Within the dream, I closed my eyes and tried to stabilize my “body” to stop changing. He settled on Space Ghost and I went on with the dream. I decided that I did not want to destabilize this world by making any drastic changes, so I went along with the situation making minor changes to the world. [This dream was fairly vivid, but I have had sharper ones. Most of my surroundings were still blurry, but I knew what they were and where I was.]

I returned to the table, but only Josh and Dan were there. I suggested we leave the club and they agreed. As we were leaving I heard a girl talking to DeadMau5 and another woman. She was asking about having two guys impregnate her on the table, so she could hatch more dragons. I went  over and it was Emilia Clarke [Daenarys actress]. She was upset and scared of what was happening. I told her that dragons probably wouldn’t hatch, but she could do what she wanted because this wasn’t real. She could be Khaleesi if she wanted to. Then she started saying Daenarys’ usual “fire and blood.” stuff.

Dan and Josh had left, and when I walked out, sure enough there were dragons over the city, everywhere. The club was at the top of a skyscraper, and the exit was just a balcony. I jumped, knowing I would be fine and thinking “No more dragons.” When I landed on the ground, it was early evening and Dan and Josh had found a skinny homeless girl wrapped in a black and rainbow crochet blanket. We drove Dan’s bus back to my apartment, as I suggested. [huge, black bus. More like a fancy RV, but the steering and controls were outside of the bus, on the roof.]

We parked outside the apartment and walked up. It wasn’t any apartment I had seen before, but everyone knew it as mine. There were bottles of wine on all the walls, and they were somehow chilled by the shelves they were on. We drank a lot, and the homeless girl drank too. Probably more alcohol than a human can handle without dying. Everyone passed out. I watched tv for a few minutes and decided it was time for everyone to wake up. They did and we drove the bus (everyone still drunk as fuck, though I didn’t feel drunk in the dream) to a restaurant.

At this point everything started to get hazy and I lost the control I had over the dream, though I was still aware of the dream state.

Dan turned the corner very sharply and the bus fell over. He flew out of the driver’s seat and split in half (legs and torso) on the ground. Josh landed in a tree and I kind of fell, but somehow stayed on top of the bus. I jumped down and went over to Dan as he was yelling about his legs. There was no blood, he just kind of broke apart like a cheap doll. I said “Wait man, I can fix you.” and started to imagine him back to normal. While I was doing this, he said something like “Look I’m all half-assed now.” and waved at where his legs used to be. I thought this was hilarious and lost my concentration.

People came rushing out of the restaurant and said they were calling 911, Dan said he already called them. I yelled that he didn’t and probably had brain damage or didn’t want to get arrested for drunk driving. They asked if he had any neck injuries and he kept lolling his head around saying “NOPE. NOPE. NOOOOO. NO. NOPE.” I tried to check if there were any bones sticking out of his neck but he kept moving and I couldn’t tell, so I just told them to wait until the ambulance got there because I was hungry and had to go to the dentist.

I went inside the restaurant as the police arrived. It was african themed, with giraffes and lions decorating the walls. It was darkly furnished, deep brown stained woods and moody upholstery on the booths. Deadmau5 was at the register again, without his mask. I just said “Give me something to eat, quickly.” and sat down. Then the police brought Dan and Josh into the restaurant (both perfectly fine) and handed them tickets for drunk driving, which they tore up and stuffed into my drink.

I told them I had to go and walked outside. I took a small car that was parked near the bus and began to drive around. I passed a bowling alley where the bowling balls led to a bouncy area themed like Katamari Damacy, and Katamari music was on the radio. The balls were just bouncing off of giant replicas of the Prince and Pandas and Mushrooms. I remember thinking the bowling balls shouldn’t be so bouncy and then they all dropped to the ground in a crash. There was a park behind the bowling alley with some sports game going on.

I kept driving and passed a Pokemon bounce house/ball pit. There were giant inflated Pokemon, a Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and maybe a Squirtle. Several balls were in the fenced in area, the kind that are displayed in big cages at the store.

I turned right on a corner and found myself at what was labeled the dentist’s office. I went inside and it was like a warehouse. There were cubicles where the dentists worked. I spoke to one of them and told him I wanted a cleaning. I went to the chair and they proceed to stick pliers in my mouth and rip out one of my molars. After they took it out, I realized that it had been hurting me for a while. I took the tooth and ran out of the cubicle. Dan was there, smoking a cigarette with the skinny homeless girl inside the rest of the warehouse. I asked where Josh was and he said that he was asleep at the restaurant. I thought hard about having a cell phone in my hand and one appeared in my back pocket. The phone was making a bunch of noise, but I ignored it and proceeded to call Josh.

Then everything turned into a haze. There were snippets of a conversation and I felt like I was passing out in the dream. Then I woke up!


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