Chapter Twenty Nine: Meet George Jettison.

Happenstance: The Party Game where you mime a stance and your teams have to guess what pop culture icon made the stance first. in 2014, from Mattel!

I gave up on the idea of trying to recycle the fads of earlier generations to rake in on nostalgia profits. No one wants those JNCO pants you had to be separately searched in high school for.

What ever happened to Alderaan’s moon?

Home Depot must indirectly support every picket-sign protest, which has to be hard for the poor company. Not being able to choose sides and all.

Jettison is what George changed his last name to after the macabre, season ending of him jettisoning his family out of the open airlock.

A BOOMerang, by the standards and practices of silly 80’s sci-fi action films, should be a bomb attached to a regular boomerang.

No matter your sex, age, race, or nationality, you know that when you vote in America, you’ve given a blind vote to at least one candidate you’ve never heard of or researched. And if you haven’t, then you should get a job and care less about things you have no real merit in.

There’s never been a dispute that begins with, “No way is the comic better than the movie”, that I haven’t won by default of them both being fiction.

The sound of losing hearing in your ears from dying frequencies is also the sound that a man makes when he is ejaculating for the first time inside of a garden hose.

It is not the car that makes the man, but the man that makes the machine that makes the car that then in turn shows how wealthy the man might be.


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