The Ole Switcheroo: Thoughts on Gone Home

Gaming journalism in the finer points of enjoyment.

Notes From The Conquistadork

Last year, art gamers and story gamers alike were treated to the narrative-heavy gameplay of The Fullbright Company’s interactive mystery Gone Home.  While player reviews seemed heavily mixed at the time of release, critic reviews were largely positive across the board, and after finally getting a chance to sit and play through it myself, I’m able to appreciate what they saw.

Gone Home follows Kaitlin Greenbriar, a young student who has just come back from a year abroad.  She returns to a home she doesn’t really know–a mansion willed to her father by an eccentric uncle.  Her return is celebrated by no one.  But only because, as you quickly find out, the house seems to be abandoned.  Only by making your way through a foreign home and scouring various objects and diary entries can you begin to understand what happened to your family.

The game is fairly short–around two hours–but that…

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