Chapter Thirty-Two: A Six-Sided Cube Or A Five-Sided Box?

I’ve never seen a person wielding a clipboard and the newest earthly protest to a stereotypical barrel fire of refuse that hobos tend to circle around. There must be something to barrel fires.

Headphones are the modern Cloak of Invisibility to the people asking things from you in public.

The last time I was given a cubicle, I was demoted for decorating the ceiling. I told them that a cube has six-sides. They told me that a box only has five.

The fact that you cannot spell “Doom” without DM is not lost on the Dungeon Masters. So, next time you want to sass a nerd with your friends, remember: They Are The Creators Of Doom.

The problem with DVD players is that action figures don’t fit in there. So my Inner Child just shoves melted candy into my tablet screen.

“Acoustic is an Old Norse word for Sissy. Remember, Power is Metal and Gods love Metal.” – Folk Anti-Recruitment tales from Metal Enthusiasts.

The greatest technological advancement is making the Rewind Button a half-assed Cassette expiration joke.

The Hula Hoop is the weapon against children’s natural predator: the knees of oblivious adults.

“I checked CraigsList for “Windowless Vans”, and got a lot of hits. From former sex offenders. They must like the Mystery Machine too!” – The Reason Scooby-Doo Stopped Being Cool

There was a time when dot-com was something you said and it was cool and edgy. Now, Dot-Com is like saying LOL and meaning it.

The Salesperson/Customer relationship is one of the most pathetic Discovery Channel specials on Failures In Predatory Instinct I’ve watched on Netflix.


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