Chapter Thirty-Eight: Pulling A Rabbit Out Of A Hospital Ward

These infomercials keep asking me to forget things that I know about kitchen utensils and appliances. I just forgot how to be smart.

Keep a bunny with you at all times. Alive, of course. You never know when you might wander into a Children’s Hospital and need to cheer up some dying infants.

Those sad moments you experience in life could always use a flaccid balloon barely afloat, with the words “Get Well Soon” attached to whoever died.

I tend to always want to barter when I’m on the road. Gas stations, truckers, even on the bathroom walls of rest stops.

I feel like America is full of people who are jealous of “Wetbacks” because they have a better time going down water slides.

Science still cannot tell us if sharing is truly caring.

I like being reminded that I’m in a very happy and successful relationship. Finding her hair in my mouth is one of the lesser and more frequent ways I remember.

Christmas is Valentine’s Day on roulette for men in relationships. Do you go for the Lingerie or the book about American Feminism? Quick answer: Just Break Up.

Can I get this Bible thing in the size of a pamphlet handed to me on college campuses that I can discard as easily?

Do not compare sex to desserts. Because desserts can be burnt, taste like black carbon scoring, and act like a cunt all of the fucking time. Just like people.

“Self-worth is not a very valuable currency. That’s why I whore myself to anyone willing to pay me or listen.” – the person that got a job in their field right out of college

The Pitch is both; the passing of an idea or penis. Some accept the pitch and some don’t. The ones that don’t aren’t worth it. The ones that do, are called “Your Sex Bitch”.


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