Explaining “The Arcade Philosopher”

The Arcade Philosopher is a new look at video games, situational ironies, or made up things in the imagination fun lands created in gaming universes.  The Arcade Philosopher is lead by Tyler Meier and supported by the ECMMOGamers blog/podcast founders Patrick Freeman and Alex Franklin, found at their website: ECMMOGamers.com.

Subjects of Blogs

Gaming – News, viewpoints, or just rambles about anything in the gaming community.

The Life and Being of Bob – This is a narrative post on a random word I apply to a character named Bob.  The word will be used to describe Bob in different ways; from a specific experience to an aside that Bob does.  It usually ends horribly.

Should We be Worried? – A sideshow of any subject that takes something out of context and exposes it for what it could be or mean to anyone looking at an abstract viewpoint.

A Dream Among Eeden’s Bands – An infrequent submitted account of lucid dreaming from our correspondent: Aliee.  She gives us a look into her lucid dreams and describes them verbatim as her memories recollects.

Synonyms Of Living – a list of small asides on life with a humorist twist or a relevant fictional fact.  Note: Living doesn’t always mean “to Live”.

Pixel Period – A small footnote in the news of the gaming community, but always with a taste of satire or truth on the pulse of the gaming community.

Tyler can also be found at:

The Arcadium Podcast – a gaming/geek centric podcast with Tyler as the host and many guests accompaning him throughout the hours of content available.

The Arcadium Cast – A “Let’s Play” series of videocasts highlighting gameplay, playthroughs, and general banter between Tyler and the games he plays.


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